Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Presidents meeting report

Here is a break down of the last president meeting held last week. I have studied this pretty hard and from my point the NPL will suffer.
Its great to see the women's competition is starting to grow and maybe another thing to add to the list for them is they should play on Saturdays and follow their men's teams which gets more people through the gates of the homes teams and creates a better club vibe on game days?
For the men's competitions im not to sure.
We go back to a six team competition is that sustainable?
What happens when the V League folds are these teams welcomed back with open arms or is it time if it does happen that the die hard-hard working people make their own board and we finally go independant because there in no support from FFT?

Have a read and feel free to have your comment as the presidents do get on this site as well.....

These are issues that were brought to the table for Presidents to take back to their clubs for discussion and decicion at the next meeting:
Womens Premier League-- it is the likely that it will split into 2 divisions next year with the top 6 teams becoming Division 1 and the remaining 4 becoming Division 2. This will have several benefits…top teams playing each other each week therefore maintaining a higher level of standard. Division 2 will be aimed at a more social league allowing say under 16 teams to enter and providing an opportunity for clubs in situations like Burnie, this year, who are rebuilding and with several players new to the game it will allow them to play similar standard teams. It will be proposed that the bottom team in Div 1 will play off against the top team in Div 2 at the end of each year to see who gets into Div 1 the next year. It will also allow existing clubs to enter another team as a feeder to their top side. Roster likely to be 3 rounds of 5 matches with finals and promotion/relegation games at the end.
Victory League clubs are looking at a proposal to add an Under 20 Victory Development League team to travel with the senior team. This will mean that the 3 Northern clubs will pull out of NPL seniors and reserves only resulting in a 6 team NPL series. They would still be able to enter a team in Under 18's.
Possible change to club eligibilty rules to allow clubs to not enter either a Ressies or under 18 teams for 1 year to allow them to re build and lessen the stress of players having to play 2 matches each weekend.
Change to the VL rules regarding the under 20 rule for NPL senior teams, allowing VL clubs to play whoever they wish without the age rule being applied.
FFT dinner is 20th September, preferably on the coast, probably a similar setup as last year, but all agreed it needed to be a bigger room and more seating/viewing.
Proposal to have all leagues play finals next year in a similar format as this years. However the ressies and unders would play whereever they match to where the senior match would be. This could mean that a club could have teams playing at different venues in the semi finals.



  1. Some very serious posswibilities for the NPL and interestingly not a single comment.Have their presidents decided to surrender! Have they actually had a meeting with their members to explain the possibilities and ramifications.Brings back old memories and Northern fighting spirits.Even my friend Nigel has gone quiet on this.Come on presidents ,,let us have your comments so that your members can have their say.

  2. Like to think the Northern Women's league needs to show growth and this can only happen by bringing in an U18 or U17 with 2 over aged as a curtain raiser to the Women's League and each club must, and I mean must have to participate in the Senior league which shows to FFT and all other clubs that there is a pathway from Under age to Women's, just trowing it out there!!