Saturday, 26 July 2014

Saturday the 26th July results

NPL @ Valley road

Devonport Strikers 2 Gleason, Denehey) def Northern Rangers 1 (J.Wani)
HT 2:0

Devonport Strikers 7 def Northern Rangers 2

Devonport Strikers 2 lost Northern Rangers 3

Launceston city 1 lost to Somerset 9 ( Nettelton 4,Hamilton 2,Kyrone Johnson 2, Bill Mathews 1)

Ulverstone 1 lost to prospect 3

Riverside 3 def Launceston United 0


  1. Will there be any matches this weekend? Winter has set in this week and it doesn't look like the rain will stop before Saturday. It's quite possible the season may be extended further to allow for catch up matches to be completed.

  2. Hear Ulverstone were fined $300 for having 6 players yellow carded I one match, seems that this is a little unfair as it's quite possible that many were for innocuous offences like hand ball, not allowing the ball to be played etc. Maybe there should be some defining of this rule so that it only applies when 3 or more were for rough play etc.

    1. Considering Ulverstone are well in the running for the 2014 Roy Keane Award for Most Late Tackles in a Season I doubt much of it was innocuous.

  3. Are any of the coastal clubs doing a head count at the gate? I would be interested to hear some spectator numbers to our matches.