Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Inaugural John McKenna Medal is up for grabs this weekend

John McKenna Medal on the line for Rangers and City players in Cup Clash!

When Launceston City host Northern Rangers in the third game of the Launceston Mitsubishi, Launceston Mazda Derby Cup, The John Mckenna Medal will be up for grabs for the best player across the three game series.

While the game its self is a Victory League fixture and counts for points for the league, the cup has been won by Rangers after they won both game 1 and 2 during the year, but the John McKenna medal is yet to be decided.

Each game a member from each club plus a third party observer submits their opinion for 3-2-1 votes for the best player on the ground, these votes will be collated after the match and the player with the most votes will be named the John McKenna Medal winner.

John McKenna has been a long servant of the game and Launceston City, and through his partnership with the Launceston Motor group, has sponsored both clubs over the years.

As for the Victory League season, the match is very much a live fixture, with both Rangers and City desperate to accumulate more points for the season, for City its an opportunity to knock off their cross town rivals for the first time and try to move off the bottom of the table, while Northern Rangers must win at least one more game than Olympia in the third round to be able to take third place, and need to keep the buffer between them and Devonport Strikers in 5th place.

The match kicks off at 7pm at Mitsubishi Park on Friday night.

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