Saturday, 19 July 2014

Saturdays and Sundays results

Somerset 2 drew with Riverside 2

Prospect 2 drew with Devonport 2

Launceston United 2 def Ulverstone 1

Sundays results

Todays Results at the NTCA.

Northern Rangers 2 (A.Fisher, J.Harrison) def Burnie United 1.
HT 2:0

Northern Rangers 1 (J.Ower) def Burnie United 0
HT 1:0

Northern Rangers 1 lost Burnie United 4.
HT 0:3


  1. Tough match at Shark Park. Both teams missed great opportunities to bury the game so the draw seems a fair result, disappointing for us but Olympic played well enough, especially once they went down to ten men, to hold us out and really could have pinched it with 2 misses late on.
    Referee Simon Natoli certainly is different to the NPL referees we get and at times the players got a little frustrated with his decisions.
    The game was a pretty rough and tumble affair with plenty of willingness from both teams. Olympic is now in the box seat and it is their title to lose.

  2. P'raps you should re-title this page NRPL?

    1. Why? Because they (presumably NRFC) are proactive enough to send their results out to the media outlets who will publish them, Boar Off!

      If your club had someone who cared enough, Im sure Sam would post their results too, maybe even their news, seem to remember City getting plenty of publicity early on when they were looking for publicity.

  3. What do you mean by that?