Saturday, 28 June 2014

Saturday and Sundays results

Only one game was played out today in terrible conditions, the other two were cancelled for two different reasons.
At Burnie united the game did not even start or players warm up due to the referees agreeing that both Burnies grounds were unsafe to play on. The reserves game was called off at 63 minutes as well, which if had gone on for two more minutes would have counted as a result.
Devonport v Launceston City never went ahead due to City not being able to provide enough players for the day.
At Ulverstone the game started and finished in shocking conditions but I would have to state that the show grounds do have the best drainage system on the coast. Rains all day and the pitch socks it all up. Even back when they used to hold state cups it would always drain well.

Ulverstone 2 drew with Riverside 2

Sundays results at the NTCA
Scores from the NTCA Today.

Northern Rangers 7 (J.Wani 2, S.Hamilton 2, G.Tams, A. McIntyre, J.Harrison) def Launceston United 0
HT 3:0

Northern Rangers 1 lost Prospect Knights 5.
HT 1:0

League 1:
Northern Rangers 2 def Launceston United 0
HT 1:0

Norther Rangers 5 def Launceston United 2

League 2
Norther Rangers 5 def Launceston United 1

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