Saturday, 18 May 2013

Weekend results


Ulverstone 0 lost to Somerset 1 (Nettleton)

Burnie 1 lost to Rangers 3 (Townes 2 Beard 1)

Prospect 5 def Launceston United 0

Riverside 4 drew with Launceston City 4

V League

Rangers 7 beat Launceston City 0

Tilford 6 beat Devonport 1


  1. What a game between Ulverstone and Somerset. I would like to say that the NPL has not died due to the V League. I am a Strikers supporter but due to the team in Hobart and the NPl bye i went and watched. $6 well spent. The game had every thing. Good passing, Great ball movement and very very physical.
    Two war horses in Adam Conkie and Sam Cox were at each other all day and there was even a little scuffle between the two clubs.
    David Cole done a brilliant job in the middle too.
    Only down side is they tell me Somerset were under manned and will be back to full strength this week.
    I know when these two play again i will be there.

  2. Any hope of Olympic winning the title are now gone I would think with that result. Down to three, sharks and rangers and devonport

  3. pc did you attend the game at burnie on the weekend?

  4. Sharks have just played Knights and Ulverstone, 2 of the hardest and closest games I've watched for quite a while, Knights threw everything at the Sharks and were unlucky not to get a point late in the game,while Ulverstone probably had far more possession than Somerset, game could have been 3-0 either way if shots had gone in, 2 great games by respective goalies.
    I reckon both these sides will take points against the top 3, so every team will need to be on their game to win.
    Somerset still to play Port, Rangers and Olympic, so still early days to predict top 3.
    I think its a pretty good league to have 5 teams so closely matched and should be a good scrap amongst the others every time they play.

  5. City have lost to the top three teams with only Somerset really out playing them. Two draws with riverside and prospect where they were in front with five minutes to go in both games, so the next couple of games are going to be crucial for city.