Thursday, 30 May 2013

Round 8 NPL

Sorry guys no where near a computer this week.


Launceston City v Ulverstone 2:30 Saturday

Burnie United v Launceston United 2:30 Saturday

Devonport v Somerset Sharks 2:30 Saturday

Prospect v Riverside 2:30 saturday


  1. Pretty poor hospitality by launy city, very disappointed that I didn't get any food after the game

    1. Poor indeed. Particularly given the spread that Ulvy put on for visiting teams.

  2. ^Is that all anyone has to say about the weekend's football? A valid grievance no doubt...but we just had a top of the table clash in both the NPL and the VL! Whilst the loser (Rangers) in the VL dropped to fifth...the winner in the NPL (Devonport) remained in second.

    Any reports on Devonport v Somerset? A bit of an upset? The young boys beat the older and more experienced boys?

  3. Annon 2:38, yes Devonport did beat somerset. I was at the game. Somerset took a 2-0 lead and looked like they had it in the bag. Interesting they got a penalty then the same guy shoved a somerset player in the back but was never sent off. Devonport got into gear and scored 3. Two from crosses which is pretty good against a tall somerset defense.
    As for old and young I think somerset were a lot younger than you think. Chris Smith was the only guy over 25 as sam cocks and jimmy Nettleton were on holidays. They also have 8 guys under 21. Just wondering how big a suspension both Devonport coaches got as they were sent from the ground?
    Dave Summers

    1. I wouldn't call our defense "tall" exactly with only myself over 5"9 lol.

      We put away 2 early goals and should certainly had a couple more in the first half before making a mistake and allowing Dev to get 1 back. Dev played a very strong second half and forced some errors in our defense to score 2 more in the second half. It will be interesting to see what happens with the Dev coaches as both being sent from the ground is a bit poor.

      A good contest between both teams and it will be a good rematch latter in the year.

      Elliot Stewart

  4. Let's be honest, fishwick is a terrible ref and can't handle any pressure or any questions asked of him. It was a quality game though!

  5. To be fair, I dont think getting on here anonymously and criticising referees is particularly helpfull - mind you , it might save you $200 if my experience is anything to go by!!! (ouch!)

    Rod Andrews

  6. Two weeks in a row that Fishwick has been abysmal then..