Monday, 20 May 2013

Launceston City sack Dane HUdson

Dane Hudson has been told to step down from Launceston City today. Dane was appointed V League coach for this year and was club coaching director last year.
Dane is the second V League coach to be sacked this year already after only 8 Rounds.
Dane and i will be in talks soon and he is happy to do an interview with the NPL Blog. I wish Dane all the best and hope he continues his coaching ambitions.
(there is a place at Somerset Dane ;-)....)

                Dane at the start of the year looking forward to coaching Launceston City in 2013


  1. Better interview would be with the Committee

  2. what!!!! only a couple of weeks ago I read that he had the boards full suppport!
    no coach is going to get more out of that group of players, but they could certainly have done better with what they have.

    I wonder who will take over?
    Do they need to have the level c thing?

    Will still be lucky to win a game I think

  3. The biggest joke is Mark Egan is taking over, haha it will get worse, they could sack 2 coaches by the time the third round starts. Kerry Dennis will be the next to take the reigns hahaha

  4. Mark Egan is taking over.. what a silly silly decision that is..

  5. Mark Egan lost something like 34 or 35 consectuive games with Lonnie United. One would suggest that City are far more out of their depth than in the VL, compared to United in the NPL.

    More and more floggings to come.

    No point replacing for replacings sake. What is it with Italian clubs and knee jerk resposnes.


  6. In hindsight City should ahve waited 3 years and then applied. Everyone knew they weren't ready for this league, because generally they had not kept pace with the powerful clubs in the north eg Devonport Rangers and even their close neighbours Knights. Yes I know it wasnt just about cattle however everyone knew that City werent gunna attract players, and were going to be the whipping boys, by the time preseason cup started.

    I think FFT will have a close eye on them over the next 13 games, if things get worse I reckon FFT will act.


  7. City need to go after a proven coach some one who has won titles. Someone like a Gabriel tams. With josh Harrison as his assistant

  8. I believe that FFT's hands are tied, they have been quite adamant that the Victory League is a 3 year project and that no club will be sacked from it or removed from it in this or the next round, they have only ever said that they would like to see 2 to 4 max additional clubs involved. I believe they will give City every opportunity to begin the rebuild process over the next 3 years.
    Hard roads ahead for City but hopefully they will be given plenty of support, plus surely there must be a good number of youngsters coming through the ranks to support 2 teams.

    1. City probably have some good youngsters but they have NEVER looked after them. So its probably a little late to start now, when they need them more than ever.