Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Semi Finals of Steve Hudson Cup

Steve Hudson Cup Fixtures:
Ground 1
11.00am               Prospect Knights              vs           Northern Rangers
1.00 pm                Devonport City                 vs           Launceston City               
3.00 pm                South Hobart                    vs            Tilford Zebras
Ground 2
2.00 pm                Riverside Olympic            vs           Launceston United

Sorry there is no preview this week, simply no time.


  1. Laka Cup will feature Somerset v Taroona in Hobart at 12 on Monday. Should be a great match with Taroona having several ex coasters in their squad and Somerset fielding a full senior squad boosted by the return of both Jimmy Nettleton and Chris Considine. 2 of the strongest non V League teams going this year, shame they drew each other.

    Somerset women travel to University to do battle in their first match of the year, they will miss the firepower of the Glover girls and Maddie Berne, all who have transferred to Ulverstone, but are boosted by the signing of several past players and several ex Burnie girls after Burnie couldn't raise a squad this year.

  2. North West Summer Cup will feature 2 matches at Cardigan Street Shark Park, this round will decide finals next week at Devonport.
    If Ulvie lose then both Somerset and Devonport have the opportunity to be in the final.
    Both matches are local derbies.
    The first match will test unbeaten Ulverstone against Devonports boys, should be close.
    The next match Somerset take on Burnie and although Somerset will have one eye on the Monday cup match, they will be keen to blocal neighbours.
    2 great matches hope to see a big crowd.

  3. ulvie have +10 gd. They will have to get flogged by dev for them not be in the final. Would be great to see a ladder put up

  4. Ulverstone 6pts + 10
    Somerset 3pts - 2
    Devonport 3pts - 3
    Burnie 0pts = 5