Thursday, 14 March 2013

Who Will Win The Summer Cup

This weekend will see the final of the summer cup series.

Host’s Devonport will play Ulverstone for 1 & 2 at 2:30 at Valley road.
After Ulverstone's win over Clarence on Monday its has been costly for the Reds. Loosing play maker Adam Conkie due to a strait red card and veteran Snow Compaign to a broken cheek bone and broken eye socket. This will weaken the Reds line up and may even cost them the summer cup.

Will Ulverstone's defense be able to stop Chris McKenna
But im sure Stuart Mack will already have these guys covered and still will field a very strong side.
Devonport again have to pick two sides for the weekend with the club making both the summer cup final and the Steve Hudson cup final on Sunday. With Devonport being able to name some fringe victory league members in their summer cup team, and a home ground advantage they should get across the line and put their name on the cup again.

Will Devonport go back to back?

Devonports squad is, Griffiths, Gleeson, Balek, Twamley, Lizotte, Andrews, McCaffery, Mansour, Dance, Dayha, Ashdown, Wilson x2, Denehey, McKenna and Murrey.
Coach Chris McKenna is confident in the squad that he has put together for final and had this to say"
Our squad for tomorrow’s game will be a mix of our young players that have performed so well throughout the summer cup & Hudson Cup last weekend and some more experienced players. It’ll be fairly similar to the squad which defeated Burnie a couple of weeks ago, so around 8 to 10 players aged between 15 & 18.

Ulverstone will be a difficult team to beat & they’ll be confident after their Statewide Cup win on Monday. They were excellent, especially in the second half of that game & our boys will have to be on top of their game to get a victory.

We think that there’s enough talent in the young players for them to more than hold their own at NPL level & their performances so far have been encouraging. As the weeks go by they are becoming more accustomed to playing against the bigger bodies & they’ve gained a lot of benefit from this.

I know they’re keen for Saturday’s game! "

In the 3rd and 4th play off kicking off at 1230 at Valley Road is Somerset v Burnie.
In a rematch after last week, Burnie have the bragging rights after beating the Sharks 4-2.

James Nettleton will start in the absense of Sam Phillips-Crole

This week will allow Somerset to play a nearly full strength side for the first time since the start of the summer cup. Somerset will be looking to turn the result around from last week and retain bragging rights until the they meet again in the real deal.

This is the last hit out for 3 of the 4 NPL  sides until Round 1 of the season starting. Im sure all clubs will be using this as their last fine tune of their squads.


  1. Game of the round will be Burnie v Somerset.. May be some feeling there which is good for the sport.
    Somerset will love to put a few goals past their town rivals.

    Ulv and Dev will be good to watch as i feel the fringe Victory players wont play the whole game as i see that some of them are named again on Sunday. So will rest some incase of an injury i suspect.

  2. Rumour has it Nick Owen was seen in the goals last night and could be the starting keeper for Devonport on Sunday. Apparently he had 'safe , soft hands' last night and was very agile.

  3. I'm not registered... We wouldn't want a south/beachside fiasco up this end of the state now would we! Besides, the coach doesn't rate me. You might see me in Div 2 on Sundays during the season, though.

    I'd suggest Dev v Ulv will be the better game. Somerset to account for Burnie with ease.