Saturday, 23 March 2013

Round 1 Victory League Results

Devonport Strikers 5 (B.Mann 2, K.Mulraney, D.McGinn, B.Eaves) Def Tilford Zebras (A. Leszczynski 2)
Northern Rangers 5 (S.Brassington 2, A.Luate, N.Lanau-Atkinson, P.Lanau-Atkinson) def Launceston City 0
Olympia Warriors 5 (N Meredith 23, L Nichols 30, E Tsakiris 51, 55, W Wadawu) def Kingborough Lions 1 (C.Collins)
Pictures Thanks to Gary Hn
Gabriel Tams For Rangers played his 200th game for the club.


  1. City very poor, signs don't look good. Players played out of position, Coaching questionable.
    A sad day for such a proud club .

    1. have to agree here.. they lack some really quality players and the players they do have are played out of position. Since when his young Scuilli a Right winger for starters

  2. I can't see city getting a win this year, not good for the north.

  3. In hindisght FFT probably should have jsut gone with 2 northern teams and added either Clarence or New Town to the comp.

    City got in on past reputation and sure they will get better, but so will the rest of the comp.

    The other 7 will be even in what should be a good comp.

  4. City's result really not much different to Kingborough.

    Will be an interesting game this week.