Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weekend Results

Somerset 4 def Launceston City 0

Burnie United 3 def Ulverstone 2

Devonport Strikers 3 def Prospect 2

Riverside 2 def Rangers 0

V League

Devonport 1 lost to South Hobart 2

Kingborough 1 drew with Rangers 1 (Hingston 35)

Tilford 10 def Launceston City 0


  1. Hahahaha City lose 10 nil, oh how the mighty have fallen.

    No way back from there,booted out at end of season. JB and co need this legue to be strong and successful, and need no deadwood. Newtown or Clarence to be admitted for 2014


  2. Must admit that the press coverage in the Advocate is much improved, thanks Ben. I hope that the Sharks are sending you plenty of info each week.
    Results on Saturday show that there will be no easy games, play poorly and you will be punished.
    V League Div 1 sides look very strong with plenty of older players dropping back to lift the quality.
    Really looking forward to the Somerset v Burnie derby this weekend, might all depend on the quality of refereeing !

  3. Yes it is getting more space this year. Haha there isn't much info to gather from you blokes. Not when you win 9-0 anyway. But Sam is very helpful.
    Interesting start to the NPL season.
    my thoughts:
    Somerset - as predicted going along well and with early form look like title favourites.
    Ulverstone - bit of a set back last week but should be there abouts come season end. Depth perhaps the only issue.
    Devonport - good mix of young and old, and with the inclusion of players like P. Gilham are looking pretty dangerous.
    Burnie - up and down start but perhaps the win over Ulvy might get some momentum swinging their way.
    L'City - Obviously by results in V'League they are struggling with player injury/suspension/depth and quality which inturn may have a big impact on their NPL results.
    River - Retained some quality players so will sneak into the four and be competitive each week.
    Rangers - for obvious reasons aren't the powerhouse they have been over previous seasons and will also be competitive for a mid table finish.
    L'United - As they were starting to get 'some' positive results, the V'League (City) has swamped alot of their better players, so another long year on the cards.
    Prospect - Like River they have retained a few quality players but with a slow start a mid-table finish is on the cards.