Saturday, 13 April 2013

Round 2 Results

Launceston United 0 lost to Somerset 9

Burnie United 1 lost to Prospect 5

Rangers 3 beat Launceston City 1

Riverside 1 lost to Devonport 2

V League

Rangers 4 drew with Tilford 4

Devonport 3 beat Glenorchy 2


  1. Any comments on the Rangers v Tilford Zebs game would be interesting.
    Apparently all the goals were scored at one end ???

  2. Early days yet but league looks like being a bit closer this year. United, City and Burnie are battling but all have major player changes so will take some time to settle. Other 6 look competitive and will take points of each other.
    Top four at end - Somerset, Devonport, Ulverstone and Riverside in any order.

  3. Round 3 should be straight forward with my top 4 playing the rest
    Sharks should belt City at home, no excuses about the pitch it is as good as any I have seen in a long time. 8-0
    Port should get over Knights at home 4-1
    Ulvie keen to maintain contact with leaders should be a defiant Burnie at Montello 3-0
    Olympic at home will be made to earn every point against Rangers 2-1
    The Victory League teams will shape the league as they either play at home to support their NPL teams or playing away will rob them.