Saturday, 27 April 2013

Saturdays NPL Results

Launceston 1 drew with Knights 1

Somerset 8 def Burnie 0

Ulverstone 4 def Launceston United 1

Waiting on Rangers Devonport score


  1. Great win by the Sharks.
    Dominant across the park although a lot of free kicks given (Burnie going very hard but giving away silly free kicks, which did cost them goals). So did a certain Somerset player. Nothing against the ref, generally did a great job.
    Another great team effort from a team that haven’t been together that long.
    Can only get better if they don’t get ahead of themselves. Looking forward to the season ahead.
    Might be a big call this early but (bias shark) I think the only team to beat them will be themselves. Still need to play hard, clean soccer at 100% or it will cost them. Great to watch, well done sharks.
    Wouldn't normally post but amazing what a couple glasses of wine will do. Forgive me. 

  2. So who have the Sharks played so far? Launceston, Launceston City and Burnie? Nothing to ride home about there.. So the Sharks might not want to get ahead of themselves just yet...

    1. Tend to agree with this, probably the bottom 3 sides this year although Prospects results surprised me. They play Sharks next so maybe get a better picture where they are at. No doubt last few rounds of the comp will settle the ladder as all the top teams play each other late in the round.
      Albeit tho Sharks can only play those on the park and 21-0 is a great start to the year.

    2. Nothing to write home about either.

  3. Annon 22:57
    We are not a head of selves and with in the team there are no big heads. Easy beats so far NO, I would have to rate Launceston City highly this year and they will roll the top teams as well and Burnie had a day they would like to forget.
    We will take every game presented to us like we have so far and see what happens.
    As for Annon 3:03
    Get back in your box......

  4. Something of concern was the lack of travelling support when Launceston City played at Somerset. Obviously their supporters are travelling to watch the Victory League matches so absolutely no spectators at the Somerset game and the Unders left straight after their match to get home for the VL game.
    This will have a dramatic effect on things like income and match atmosphere, basically 3 of the 8 home games will be very quiet affairs with only home club income.
    Another black mark with the introduction of Victory League.

    1. Similar in Hobart. SPL games are getting no supporters unless its before a V League game

    2. Launceston NPL games have also had very poor turn outs. we have Played VL clubs while the VL teams were out of launceston and we still had poor turn outs. one under 20NPL side did not even come in for a beer/soft drink after the game nor did anyone purchase a beverage during the game. canteen, gate, canteen and bar are well down in 2013. hopfully the whole season wont be like this and players start to remember grass roots is why they have the opportunities they have.

  5. The Reds will beat Somerset

  6. Nigel not sure why the unders or anybody would be leaving to watch city in the V-league they'd have been better of staying put, more than likely a better match.

  7. How many 'black marks' have you counted Nigel with the introduction of the Victory League?
    Negative attitudes will never move our game forward.
    Good to hear that their juniours want to watch/support their 'main' team at City. They may want to aspire to play at that level in the future.

    1. V league team played the following day in Hobart didn't they?

  8. I've heard that The Victory League is responsible for Global Warming - your thoughts Nigel?


  9. Of course the crowds are smaller the NPL is now for all intents and purposes the reserve league. The cream of last years NPL are now at either Devonport and Rangers. In fact in the case of the NW coast the other 3 have become feeder clubs for Devonport.

    The standard of the league isnt being helped by the fact there are restrictions placed on the 3 VL clubs. Hardly seems fair that a club has restictions placed on a league where there is prize money up for grabs. Should be an even playing field. At the moment a VL club can have better players playing League 1 because of a criteria. No good for the club or the league

  10. Annon 14:21,
    What a load of crap. The NPL is far from a reserves league and has atleast three strong clubs involved this year that would give the three V league sides a run for its money.
    If anything the V League has killed the three clubs involved. They are no where as close as the top three southern sides.
    As for the three NPL sides as feeders, Wrong again. Ulverstone is the only club that has lost alot of tallent to Devonport.But they have rebuilt around the guys they have lost and still would be one of the three teams i mentioned earlier.
    Burnie-Lost no one to V League
    Somerset- Casey Eaves thats it....

    1. Anon 15:30, rangers and Devonport are top four so I don't understand how the v league has killed them. As for, 3 strong clubs giving the v league teams a run, get your hand off it. The only team they would get close to would be launy city, the NPL is a reserves league, that is the truth. I know Nigel loves to think Somerset would beat v league clubs but it wouldn't happen. Got flogged by taroona

    2. Annon 2:08
      Flogged is a big statement. Beaten yes but not flogged. Taroona played their cards right and said it was a 12 kick off so on the bus at 6. Somerset had only started training 3 weeks earlier and guess what, It was still preseason.
      I would pay money to play them now and see what the result would be.
      Not getting a head of my self or making excuses but flogged come on.
      We had 17 shots and probably 65% of the play and could only score 1 goal. Taroona took their chances and got 3 from 4 shots.Yes they were the better side on the day.

  11. Im from Rangers I dont believe the being in the Victory league has kille my club, silly statement really.

  12. Have to agree with anon 1421.

    I couldnt see any current NPL club getting within 3 or 4 goals of port or Rangers sorry.

    City on the other hand are the current weak link with no cattle.

    When you take 25 to 30 of your best 40 player from the league, Im sorry but the league has to be weaker, it is the second tier of football sorry

  13. I play in the victory league and sorry the standard is much better. It is a hard game almost every week, this is not the case in the NPL

    Previous years you would go into a lot of game knowing "show up and win" this is not the case in the NPL.

    But in the end thats what is about. Improving the standard by concentrating talent in a smaller number of clubs.

    This is good for football

  14. The argument I have is not about standards I beleive that VL senior teams should be way stronger, after all they have recruited the best players, coaches and have huge support from FFT to make it all work,I do take umbridge at the so called "Taroona flogging", obviously you wasn't there, and they did make the semi's something the northern VL clubs didn't :)
    My point was the lack of income that playing VL teams at home has produced. See when we travel to Devonport or Rangers and take our 2 bus loads of players and spectators there will be "great acclaim" made of the "huge" crowds that VL are attracting and of course they also get an extra $2 / head, while of course no one really cares that we get very few travelling spectators and I beleive we will be around $1500 - $2000 down on income in those 3 matches.
    One thing I am learning real fast from comments on here, is that there are a lot of touchy people in VL clubs.
    Its rapidly becoming an us and them scenario, bring it on lads.

    1. They made the semis Nigel because they beat you?!? And then drew ulvy.

    2. Ranger gate hasn't increased and you may get extra bang for your buck now. The touchy us v them comments come from both sides, and "bring it on lads" is a demonstration of that. The V league is a great competition, and the NPL is as valid as it's always been. The standard may have dropped, but it doesn't mean young players don't aspire to play it any more. I'll still buy a beer when I come to Somerset with the young Ranger lads. Looking forward to a cracking game with the Somerset 18s who appear to be traveling pretty well. I envisage we'll still bring a couple of buses and hang about for the seniors. I'd be surprised if you noticed any $ difference. Maybe if your 18s go easy on us we'll be inclined to hang about even longer.

  15. Ok, Going to be blunt but all you pre Ronaldos and wanna be's.
    Unless you or your club are directly involved with the V League no one could give a flying fat cat about it.
    Talk to many people and they are the same opinion. Yes you may get your so called 500 people to a game but after you let your juniors through and ofcourse their perents because they are to young to drive,what do you have left? Club people and the oposition.
    Just remember when the V League folds and YES it will remember where you have to go then. Back to the so called reserves comp. Just remember Ronaldos and Riberies you guys all played NPL - SPL last year and no one is new apart from a few.
    P.S FFT have started this fight and only have them selves to blame as well. John Boulis is the Captain of the TITANIC and all you guys are on board. Enough said.

    1. The only war FFT have started is with Anonymous people who rant and rave but never do anything. No one cares, hey? I bet you've seen it on the news. I bet you've seen it in the paper. I bet you've heard Kalac is coming. Most of all, I bet you're not getting the attention you think you deserve so you're a little cranky. NPL has its place but it isn't important as it once was. You can still enjoy it and work towards improving it during this tough time or you can sook about it and just blame others. Sooking is easier for you I guess.

    2. Firstly have some balls and put your name to your comment for everyone to know whose behind this knob-like comment.
      I have had scores of people who have never been to a game ask or show interest about v league games, and come and watch (people care), maybe you need to get an opinion based outside your little groupie.
      Most people in the v league teams have played npl for a lot longer than the players playing there now and have the up most respect for it.
      And why wouldn't players want to jump on the "ship" and challenge themselves to play against the best the state has to offer. If that makes us wanna be's, then I guess we are!
      At least your shit comment has generated a few comments.

    3. Ive heard of Ronaldo but who does Wanna be's play for?
      Is he any good?


  16. anon 15:27 you darlin did you miss out on a spot in the V-league.

    ALso nigel wipe your chin.

  17. Disagree anon 15.27

    A lot of media attention and the crowds are bigger.

    Plus if the V league folds then the talent returns, most likely to there former clubs and the NPL improves again.

    From the 2 or 3 NPL games Ive seen this season theres not the build up anymore it is playing second fiddle to the V League. I agree with one comment the NPL would be much stronger if the 3 VL clubs were able to stay totally open age. This I think will be the way things will be in 2014, which will be better for the NPL


  18. and this is why football is a dying breed! Look at your own commenta and take a step back to see what you're saying. Will it help football in tassie or should you get off your backsides and actually do something? Seems like a bunch of kids are getting on this and having a cry. Everyone in the npl is in the same boat, and the only thing you can do is deal with it within your own club. Fft aren't going to help the npl while stuff in the V league still needs cementing. Its a work in progress and if you dont realise this, go play footy.

  19. 1527 anon

    I care about the V League, best thing for Tassie football for years. City shouldnt be in there but rest are competitive.

    Your right most did play in regional leagues however its the concentration of better players into a smaller group of teams that makes the difference.

    Hard game every week, not the case in NPL for many years


  20. anon 1527 get your hand off it, I for one do care about the VL. I live in Lonnie and go to Rangers or City to watch whom ever is home that weekend.

    City not at the races yet, and this may need to be addressed. Have seen 3 very tight exciting games at NTCA that were much better than any NPL I saw in 2012.

  21. Thee playes are no longer in NPL so league has to be poorer:

    Bayden Mann
    Todd Hingston
    Ryan Mccaragher
    Derek Schipper
    Joel Stone
    Foote lads
    Chris Mckenna
    Chris Hunt
    Mark Ambrose
    Nathan Grattton
    Michael Holden

    And more will come at season one bet ya

  22. BF is right Nigel the draw format for the cup has helped Taroona the last 2 ir 3 seasons

    1. And I wasn't having a dig at any clubs!

  23. Who is Nigel anyway? Is he attached to a club? Or just living in the past..

    1. Somerset I would say looking at his comments..and he may have a valid point regarding revenue for non V League clubs. Like a lot of things there are pros and cons with V League but its here now and might as well get on with it!