Friday, 9 May 2014

Who Will Be On Top After This Round?

Match of the round is played at Windsor park tomorrow with Riverside hosting Somerset and both clubs are undefeated.
Riverside are coming off two weeks of byes and will be firing on all cylinders. Olympic and Wayne Penfold will be happy with where the club is at the moment after the wheels falling off the cart last year. One would think if they can get across the against the Sharks tomorrow they would have to be the title contenders.
Somerset will have to shut down the leagues marks man if they want to have a chance. Wayne Penfold said this"After 2 byes in 3 weeks we are champing at the bit to take on the current champions Somerset this week. It should be a cracking match with both teams undefeated at this stage of the season.
As the Champions, the Sharks would probably be the favourites for the match, but we think we match up well against them and will try and take the game up to them. Somerset have quality players across the park, but so do we, and we want to prove ourselves against the best teams in the competition.
There is a fitness concern over Matt Chapman leading into the game, so he will be assessed on Saturday morning to see if he will start. Taylor Neilson will be forced to watch as he completes his suspension, but Mitch Jones returns to the Senior line-up this week after a trundle in the Reserves.
We are expecting a big crowd to turn up for the game, so hopefully the game will live up to the expectations of a top of the table clash.

Somerset are still with out a few of their senior players but over the weeks have shown the juniors are up to the task. Especially led by Josh Goodwin and Kiren Whitehouse.
President Nigel Brown said this"Coach Jeremy DeBomford still out with bad knee also Kyrone Johnson leading scorer is out due to wok commitments and have dropped Micky Forsyth to ressies to bring young speedster Nick Freeman into defence.
Freeman had a great game in ressies last week and earns his call up

Burnie United V Northern Rangers

Burnie are at home again and so far this season are undefeated there. It is becoming a fortress and hard to knock down. Burnie are starting to get the name back that they held many years ago as strong club and you can never get a win at Montello. United are at full strengh and will be firing on all cylinders against the Rangers.
The Rangers will be out to get redemption after a few bad rounds and tyring to keep their toop 4 chances alive. Coach litchtendonk said this"A tough match always away to Burnie, and a club that seem to be on the up this year.

We always expect a physical game against the Emu's.

The two weeks off hasn't helped us, with injuries, suspensions and work commitments to the Victory League, leaving us thin on the ground again this week.

James Ower comes back to centre back after a week off, and apart from that we are close to where we were against Prospect two weeks ago.

We just need to start finishing chances now, we are doing the rest of our things pretty well, so putting the ball in the  back of the net more times than our opposition will be helpful.

Devonport v Prospect
Prospect will be looking to keep their winning ways when they travel to Valley Road. Prospect have been getting the job done under coach Ray Heald and had this to say"4 plays 3 should be a good game, three senior players missing this week thru work commitments, and with three seniors still out injured starting to stretch the senior group for numbers, Greg Duffy still a few weeks away brother Mitch Duffy should be back any week now.
Liam Jarvis and Rhys Kinslow back into seniors this week Sam Copper in for his first senior start, this  gives an opportunity for under eighteen lads to fill some holes in reserves and seniors.

Prospect should be too strong and singing their club song all the way home.

Ulverstone V Launceston United
This is a match that could go either way After the Reds holding Somerset to a goalless second half in the last round they will be looking to roll United and start moving up the table.


  1. WARNING, according to Walter Pless the Strikers are in crisis. So when you hear a knock at your clubs front door, make sure the back door is locked and chained. The will enter through the back door and rape and pillage until they are satisfied. Then leaving with out even a thank you.
    Karma will get you !!!!!

    1. Karma? What for? Who for? Not sure what you are suggesting...

  2. Good odds
    Riverside 2-1
    Prospect 3-0
    Burnie 2-0
    L United 4-0

  3. Both ^^ not real accurate comments post Saturday.