Saturday, 24 May 2014

Saturdays Results

Riverside 3 ( Chris Wademan,Steve Gulbrandson,Taylor Neilson) def Prospect 1

Devonport 1 def Burnie United 0

Launceston City 3 def Launceston United 2

Ulverstone 4 (Laing. Vaughn. C.Meanie 2) def Rangers 1 (Alkhzraj) 1:1 ht

NL1 Ulverstone 4 def Rangers 1

U18s Ulverstone 5 drew Rangers 5


  1. Well its great to see some competition for the NPL premiership again. Especially given where the Victory League is heading with South Hobart winning and everyone else belting each other up. Seems Devonport will do better than I expected this season, especially now Joel is back.
    I suppose there will be no NPL v SPL match this year either, pity as I'm sure premier league clubs would welcome the chance to have their own State Final.
    Seems that glory goes only to the big boys, where premier league is viewed as second rate.
    I wonder if they consider that only 8 clubs play Victory League and some 15 clubs play premier league. Many more people over a wider area interested in our sport.

  2. Well, beginning to think the powers to be should rename the NPL, Nigel's Pathetic League, considering some recent comments on here, this one from 18 May -
    I believe the overall standard of the league is dropping. The current coaches are not changing any styles of play, they continue to coach in the ways of the past and this combined with the increase in younger players is having a detrimental effect on the standards.
    We really need all the coastal coaches to lift their coaching efforts to create a higher standard of play. The old ways are no longer providing either the entertainment value spectators expect or pushing the current players to play at a higher level. I continue to see players who are capable of exception football play rubbish. It is so disappointing.
    If we want our league to get stronger, which it needs to do to compete with Victory League, then we must raise the bar higher.
    Maybe you should nominate yourself for the new CEO position and fix everything, given your wealth of knowledge and vast coaching expertise.

    1. Well said.. I find Nigel's comments off the mark..

    2. I also find that Nigel's opinions are different than mine. Yet Nigel's opinions are reflective of a number of people within the Tasmanian football community. Nigel is allowed an opinion and is free to air it on here without suffering and enduring rude and patronising responses.
      I agree with Nigel that an NPL v SPL match would be a great spectacle. However, Nigel, the nature of the Victory League as the top-tier and the Premier Leagues as the second-tier mean that the Premier Leagues, as a whole, will never compete in terms of overall quality with the Victory League teams. The majority of better players will always want to test themselves in the Victory League. When all of those players departed the Premier League it left the competition weaker and the standard lower, and with the best younger players naturally gravitating towards the Victory League the standard will remain similar (it will fluctuate though, depending on the players, coaching and expectations, etc.) whilst the Victory League exists. That is the reason why the Premier League is viewed as second rate. That being said, any efforts to better the standard of play (coaching or pathways programs, etc.) in the Premier League would be welcome!