Saturday, 19 April 2014

Somerset Sharks Go A Game Clear At The Top

Another great game at Valley Road today with both sides locked at 1 all at half time. Kyrone Johnson turned it on in the second half finishing with a hattrick and 1 to josh Goodwin to make it 4-1. Prospect showed they have what it takes and holding off a late surge from the Rangers to win 3-2 and Ulverstone even if they are battered and bruised would be happy with a 2 all draw against city.

Somerset 4 (kyrone Johnson 3, josh Goodwin 1 DEF Devonport 1

Prospect 3 (Matt Heald, Josh Harnett, Lacchie Farell) def Rangers 2

Ulverstone 2 drew with Launceston City 2


  1. rangers fall apart when there without there go to man Dylan Headland. star player but they rely on him too much, need to find a way to win without him

  2. Its a shame the interest in the NPL has now pretty much died off due to the victory league

    1. I'm not sure what it's like in the north or the south but on the n/w I think more people are interested in the NPL. Due to the fact you have one club taking all these players from each club an leaving them with nothing. More people are seeing that the v league is a crock and are starting to watch more NPL. Also the advocate will start running the same amount of words to what the v league had due to the response to them.

    2. I bet the advocate won't!