Saturday, 26 April 2014

Saturdays Results

Somerset 2 def Ulverstone 0

Launceston city 1 lost to Riverside 2

Prospect 1 def Burnie United 0

Launceston United 0 lost to Dev 6

V League
South Hobart 4 DEF Devonport 0

Live score
Launceston City 3 Tilford Zebras 1
Danny Allslop 2 Toby Omenihue 1
Toby also has the 2 assists to Allslop and is far the best player on the ground.

Final score
Launceston City 4 def Tilford Zebras 2


  1. Good old fashioned physical battle at Shark Park, after a lunchtime rain storm there was no more rain but a strong wind during the senior match. Plenty of chances but not many scored.

  2. Not sure about marquee players, Alssop could have cost Tilford Zebras the championship. No doubt a great financial result for City and great promo for the game but in V Leaue every point will be crucial this year.

  3. Funny... When Rangers get a win it's all "well done". City get a win and it's somehow tainted and not worthy. This blog is far too biased. Somerset and Rangers blog.

    1. Hey didn't say City didn't deserve the win, good luck to them. I have given my support to their presidents several times over the past 2 years, we were once in a similar position. However while I understand that each club can only have 1 marquee for 1 game per year it can mean in a competition that is decided by top of the ladder on a points system that any dropped points can and probably will be crucial to where a team finishes. Maybe I can get Harry Kewell over for our Riverside battle, could decide the title this next round. lol.

  4. If you want to supply's with updates of your club and give a match report every week I am more than happy to cover your club as much as the others. The other clubs named always send news and reports through.
    Until then hold your tounge because I can't be in all places at once!!!

  5. Errr yeah supply updates from a few thousand kilometres away. Very feasible. Think I'll just stick to Walters more informative site.

    1. Good luck with that warrior. Not sure you realise when you type in this blogs adress but I'm pretty sure it starts with NPL? The air we you are from must be pretty thin as NPL stands for northern premier league.
      Tell Walter I said hi.

  6. Bit early for that comment city's first Win well done city,watched the game couple of local lads outshone allsopp ask for more money lads,
    Keep up the good work Sam those comments say more about the people behind them than this blog.

  7. It's best if you stay thousands of miles away too. Tassie doesn't need peanuts like you here. Good work Coxy.
    Oh and probably no one cares about city either.

  8. Two sent off at Birch Avenue? Add those to the long list of reds this year. What were these ones for?

    1. Disputed last man red and a red for swearing..

    2. What was disputed? As in it was unclear if it was the last man or whether it was actually a foul? Just curious.

  9. It's nice where I am thank you. I'm interested in following the NPL but it's a little hard when you only hear about 2 teams. It gets repetitive and boring.

    This blog isn't ran well at all. Few comments per post isn't well run. My 2yo son could do a better blog. The administration seems to do very little in chasing information that is needed to make a good informative blog.

  10. Thomas, thomas, thomas......
    You are back again. So you really do like the blog. Thank you.
    Your words are"this blog isn't run well". Well here is the reason why maybe. Not that I should explain my self but maybe for people who can't call an apple an apple or maybe a stubbie short I will tell.
    So Tohmas, there is no admin it is just me and a very good bloke who will help upon short notice but he is very busy.
    I never make excuses because excuses and crap comments are for narrow minded comments. Thomas I have 3 kids and one only a month old. So there is 50% of my time gone also I work 10 hours a day so there is another 40% of my time the other 10% is so I still have a wife. Also Thomas this is not my job like some who are over 60 and can sit at a computer all day and go to games and launches. But hey if you would like to find sponsors so they can pay me my $70000 plus I am more than happy to spend my time on this blog.
    As you would be aware I am always asking for help so if your son is as smart as you say I would love for him to show me how to run a blog but maybe his time is already taken with interviews with Harvord College and so forth.
    Every Wednesday I send emails and messages to the 9 team involved in the NPL and only 5 of the clubs respond so I can only do what I can do.
    Oh and Thomas remember I don't have to put your posts through either.

  11. I don't mind if you don't put my posts through. It's perfectly fine but there'd go half your posts from me and people replying angrily to me.

    Perhaps your month child could do a better blog then. As you say, my son is currently busy at Harvard.

  12. Credit where credit is due Thomarse.
    Now I know you are local. Best thing with this blog it pin points which city the IP adress is from. Also I am 99% what your real initials are. Lol. I will send you a personal message soon as i will have your mobile number shortly....

  13. Thomas you are an Idiot plan and clear !!!


  14. I wish the comments on here were about the NPL, not just clubs/people complaining about the nature of the blog, its NPL, should be discussing results, shocks, future fixtures, not bitching so much at each other about coverage.

  15. Keep at it
    While all will not agree with you
    Many people read this site and find it fun and informative
    I am sure that if some of these critics were willing to help it would lessen your load
    But no they wouldnt just critisise from the sidelines

  16. Even if it was only 2 clubs that were ever mentioned on this blog, your more informed on the NPL with it than without a blog at all. Comments are sometimes irrelevant to how many people read a blog.
    Maybe a good lesson for you, to share with your son, would be to be greatful for what you have, and not for what you don't.