Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sundays results

Rangers 4 lost to Ulverstone 5

Rangers 10 def  Ulverstone 0

V League
Glenorchy 1 lost to Rangers 4


  1. I see in todays paper the prospect of Devonport getting a synthetic base turf to replace the ground, should be interesting. has anyone played on the Hobart syn-ground?

    1. I have played at both kgv and warrior park and enjoyed both surfaced. However the kgv surface is far superior, having a lot more give underfoot, feeling more like natural turf.

  2. On a different tack, great to see so many NW coast under 14's in the state squad,

    1. Agree Nigel, 12 of the 16 are from the North of the sate which is absolutely fantastic. Im not sure about the 13s - I'm familiar with a few of the names but not all.

      So assuming that there's a fair chance some of them are better than their 4 Southern counterparts what happens if none /few take up the offer to relocate to Hobart next year so as to be part of the NTC?

      NTC's are about providing the best coaching and opportunities for the best young players, and not just those than can afford to move or are comfortable with being billeted.

      Dont get me wrong, I am PRO-NTC in a big way, but it needs to be a true represerntation of the quality footbalers from all parts of the State.

      Rod Andrews