Monday, 4 June 2012

Full Highlights and comments from NRFC V BUFC


  1. Can Ambrose return to his peak this season? Missed a couple sitters but made some great runs. Hunt and Luate are feeding each other goals.
    Can Ambrose set up goals like those two? Yes but looked more concerned about scoring himself than providing. He looks like the Fernando Torres of Rangers but he has the potential to be the Ronaldinho (assisting + scoring) of Rangers. Will be interesting what he produces as he returns to his match rythmn and plays a full game after so many injuries. If he steps up it could be the key to an undefeated remainder to the season for his team.

    Tas Soccer Follower

    1. TSF... I certainly hope to return to my peak, or the best I can be. I have had my hand in many assists this year, and like i tell the lads, im not overly fussed whether i score or not as long as the team wins. But like any striker/player I love a goal and if an opportuinty presents its self I'll take it... or try! Hunt and Luate are in banging form, I'm just glad I don't have to try and defend against them!

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