Saturday, 19 May 2012

Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League

Riverside Olympic 0 lost to Northern Rangers 8 (A Luate 3, C Hunt 2, S Petrusma, T Hingston, own-goal)
Prospect Knights 4 (A Compagne 2, B Crosswell, S Harris) beat Devonport City 2 (C McKenna, K Mulraney)
Somerset 1 Lost to Ulverstone 4
Launceston City 4 beat Burnie 3.

1 comment:

  1. Few comments on what was a riveting round of NPL.

    Knights prove once again they can go all the way as they well and truly have the wood over Devonport.

    Rangers prove what many thought and that Riverside cant match it with the better sides. 8 nil wouldnt have predicted that in a month of Sundays.

    Ulvie stay in touch and along with Port still have to observe the bye.

    So with the turn only a month away this is who everyone has left.

    Port lead the league with River ande Lonnie to play

    Rangers Burnie, City and Somerset

    Knights River, Ulvie and City

    Ulvie Knights and Lonnie

    River Knigthts, Port and Somerset