Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Launceston City Mies Family Cup

Launceston City is proud to present a 2 day football tournament for senior teams to be held at Mitsubishi Park. The objective is to provide participating teams from all over Tasmania with valuable pre-season competition to try new structures, gain match fitness and to enjoy a fun festival like atmosphere.

The games will be played on Friday 20th of January and Saturday 21st of January.

Group 1                                   Group2
Launceston City 1                    Launceston City 2
Rangers                                    Prospect Knights
NTC                                         Devonport
Ulverstone                                Launceston United


Friday 20th January
Rangers       v        Laun City1            6.30pm
Knights       v        United                   7.30pm

Saturday 21st January
Laun City 2 v        United                   9.30am
Devonport   v        Knights                 10.30am
Ulverstone   v        Rangers                 11.30am
NTC            v        Laun City 1           12.30pm
Laun City 2 v        Devonport             1.30pm
NTC            v        Ulverstone             2.30pm

Final                      4.00pm

Presentation          5.00pm

Further Info

Interchange not substitution.

Player of the Tournament selected by referees

$2 entry for spectators

BBQ and bar available on Friday night and canteen and bar available on Saturday


  1. Will the conkie boys be playing Nick? will be great to have that sort of quality back in the league.

    More importantly Nick will you be having a kick?

  2. They have attended most trainings are are looking fit so they should be there having a kick. Their intention was to get fit and have a kick in the reserves for the year but now they are training they seem to be keen to play seniors. They both have young children and it will revolve around that mainly.

    As far as I go, I will be making appearances in reserves or maybe off the bench for seniors but that's about it. The ankle isn't up to playing full games of seniors and I think I would find it too hard to coach and play in the same team. I also don't like personal accolades so I'd rather let someone else win the George Dale! :)

  3. I have also heard The Donk is visiting Ulverstone soon and Ulvie are still yet to solve their goalkeeping issues.

    Is there something in this???

  4. He will be pulling the ulvie kit on this year if the the initial contract of free pies and paint is still available, should be easy now as the main pie eater is no longer eating pies.


  5. In reference to the Rock and Sock Connection from WWE fame, maybe Ulvie will have the Donk and Conk Connection. It has a nice ring to it! :)

  6. i here chris smith will be a knight this year.good pick up if true,help sessay out more than croswell did,And definatly look dangerous in a better team.Sam cocks all ready there so the talk mite be true.?Time will tell

  7. Kammy Douglas to Burnie??? seen training up that way!?

  8. Sam Cock's will replace Grandpa down back won't he?

  9. Ryan Keep is heading south and playing for DOSA. A loss for Dev.

  10. A great intiative by Launie City. Should provide an oppertunity for clubs to get some early touches and show off some of their up and coming player. I would be interested in hearing from people some young players that spectators should keep an eye out for?

  11. Keep an eye out for joel stone from ulverstone. He has great skill and could skin any defender. He is a top up and coming player. I think he wears number 13 and plays in a midfield role

  12. Not sure I would count Joel as 'up and coming'. He would start in any team in the state and most senior coaches would be fully aware of who he is and how he plays.

    If we are talking 'up and coming' then if Jesse Curran plays for Devonport then he probably fits the mould. runner-up in reserves best and fairest for the league last year and is only about 16. I have heard, however, he may be unavailable for at least some of the year.

    I haven't seen much of Yitay Towns but he won the under 18's best and fairest for the league last year. After that he should be looking to push up into the senior squad for Rangers.

    Josh Laing for Ulverstone will hopefully have the most improved year from our up and coming players. He will play wide on the left and has the ability to score goals. He will benefit due to a lot of attention give to Mann.

  13. P.S. If you want a game on Saturday, Donk, you will need to be signed on by Wednesday.

  14. Cant make training until next weekend Nick, you know that!

  15. not an 'up and coming' player, but Agele luate to feature for rangers, big step up from United to a club like rangers