Saturday, 8 August 2015

Somerset go the Three peat

Somerset Sharks have wrapped the title up again with a slender 1-0 win over Launcestin United. The only goal come in the first 15 minutes with Casey Eaves putting Kyrone Johnson down the line, Johnson beat his defender and passed it along the front of the goal mouth for Jackson Burne to tap it in.

Launceston United 0 lost to Somerset 1

Rangers 3 drew with Ulverstone 3

Burnie United 1 lost to Devonport 3

Launceston City 1 drew with Riverside 1

With the senior title wrapped up the reserves is now a two team race with the Rangers 3 points clear of Somerset but with a lesser goal difference. If both teams win next week the title will be decided in the last round at Cardigen St

Rangers 3 def Ulverstone 1

Launceston United 0 lost to Somerset 2


  1. Somerset wouldn't have made much profit by the time they pay out all the players ;) pretty much ended up buying the premiership,

    1. Time to get back under your rock. Here is a lesson for you, No one at Somerset were paid to play this year last year or even in 2013. Somerset is a great club on and off the field and that why people keep coming back or staying. Maybe if your club was the same and run the way Somerset is you may taste success too.
      So Who gets paid?
      Look at the starting 11 from this year.
      1 Steve Treloar always been a Somerset player
      2 Tyler Duniam Club player
      3 Astyn Johnson Into his third year and wont be leaving any time soon
      4 Kiren Whitehouse another club person made his way through the juniors
      5 Tyler Hyland another junior made his way through
      6 Casey Eaves coach and played 300 plus games at the club
      7 Kaimon Johnson past preimership player with itchy feet and played last 6 games
      8 Bill Mathews another junior made his way through
      9 James Nettleton A one club man
      10 Jackson Berne another junior made his way through
      11 Kyrone Johnson who is another premiership player who started at AFL this year but then wanted to play at his beloved club again

      Whilst we are on the players subject. Also chuck these player into the mix who also love playing at the club but are happy to play reserves who would start seniors at any club.
      Chris Smith
      Sam Cocks
      Jeremy DeBomford
      Elliot Stewart
      Andy Keegan
      Nathan Trelaor
      Josh Goodwin
      Chris Davis
      Also take Ulverstone as another example very successful this year due to players who love the club coming back.

      ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!

    2. I don't actually play so I always taste success (boags)


    4. Fuck me drunk! Kryone back playing footy trying to be a legend winning two different flags in a year!! What a legend goes to show he loves the Sharks so much!! Haha wankers !!

    5. How bout putting your name to your comment while slagging off about players? If your good enough to play two sports and win two flags then why wouldnt ya. Obviously your a bit jealous you cant even snag one for the year. Or your probably one of these blokes that dont even play but sit on here being a toss.


  2. Congrats to the somerset guys, well played and well earned!!

  3. Lol you must be having a laugh

  4. Thanks Pete, they are very hard to achieve, as you know doubt are aware. You guys had a great start but you need some luck to get to the finish.
    I'm happy to put my name to this and state clearly that no player is paid at the Sharks. Like most clubs, including yours, supporters offer to pay registrations to assist players, including seniors, women and unders, (really just a donation to FFT), but I say again, no player is paid at the Sharks.
    We have been striving for some time, as a club, to create a revenue stream that will enable the club to reduce every players registration costs. This will always be the priority above paying individual players.
    If ever we are in a situation to pay a player, I can assure you it would to be to bring a very good coach from overseas, like Devonport does with its player imports.
    Hope this puts this issue to bed, people would be far better off putting their energies into helping their club improve its financial status.