Saturday, 6 September 2014

Somerset are back to back premiers and final champions

Today's game was played in perfect conditions and one may have thought summer had come early. With the sun out and no wind Somerset kicked with the sun in the first half.
The game started pretty evenly and riverside playing a controlled passing game to somersets more direct play.
The more direct play proving more effect with somerset missing three easy goals at the 15, 19 and 20 minute mark with Smith, kyrone Johnson and James Nettelton missing easy goals which would have given somerset and early buffer.
A corner by somerset saw a flick to the top of the box seeing billy Mathews blast one home from the edge of the box into the top of the corner. Not long after jimmy (the great white buffalo) Nettelton made it 2-0.
Riverside had a great chance but a fine block then a big mitt from Steven Treloar prevented Riverside making it 2-1.
2-0 half time.
After the break somerset come out controlling the game and a brace to the buffalo and a goal right on the whistle by young gun Matty Jordan made it 4-0.


  1. For anyone that was at the game...was 4-0 a fair representation of the ebb and flow of the match? Or were Riverside a bit stiff to get touched up?
    Funny that Somerset should finally defeat Riverside without Kaimon Johnson and Keegan Wells. Id' have had my money on Riverside on the weekend knowing that those two were out. Full credit to the boys who were on the park though...obviously got the job done!

    1. Riverside played a very good passing game and played well as a unit but lacked any real potency up front, struggling to get passed Astyn Johnson and Co at the back for Somerset.

      Chris Smith played possibly his best game for the season in the middle and had support from his wingers Matty Jordan and Bill Mathews to cover the hole left by Keegan and Kaimon both being out.

    2. Somerset dominant 1st half, River really challenged middle 20 minutes of second half with Somerset's two second half goals either side of this period.

  2. Anyone know what the date and venue for the George Dale Medal/NPL Presentation Evening is?

  3. George Dale is at "The Cinema" which is a venue room at "The Otis" in Mount Street, Burnie, opposite Target
    It is September 20th starts at 7 for 7.30, $40 / head which is pre dinner drinks and nibblies
    Suggest accommodation at The Murchison Lodge, Best Western, at Somerset, Kevin and Cindy are big soccer supporters. 6435 1293
    Clubs given 10 tickets to pay for, FFT will gather club numbers on the night and bill clubs direct, you will need to pay your club at some stage.

    1. Any decent night spots in Burnie, Nigel?

    2. You will probably be at the best one.

  4. this will be the most poorly attended dinner in history, couple of clubs are on players trips and its in Burnie.

    1. it's not FFT's fault that clubs organised players trips, they set the date long ago. I think most Lonnie clubs have had poor attendances for the past few years.
      Not helped that they didn't win any premierships this

    2. Making friends again Nigel? Should be a good night for somerset though, stellar year for the team

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  6. NPL Dinner thread? Who was nominated for each club for each year? George Dale winner?

  7. who is going to win the George Dale or any of the other awards

  8. Hope Launceston clubs do show up. Those that are on trips have an excuse - however, just quietly, dinner night is this same weekend every year (second last weekend in September). North-Westerners travel every year (albeit a night in Launceston is a far more attractive proposition than a night in Burnie) and it would be a shame if Launceston clubs showed a poor attitude by not attending because of a change in locale. I look forward to having a beer with the old and young from every club at the end of season. So, I hope to see you all there.

  9. Well done to all winners
    Thanks Sam for the blog again, I certainly believe it is a vital necessity to continue to grow our game.

  10. George Dale Medal Top 10:
    Jonathon O'Neill ( R O ) 22
    Kamil Douglas ( DEV ) 21
    Kaimon Johnson ( SOM ) 21
    Kyrone Johnson ( SOM ) 20
    Mark Baker ( P K ) 17
    Christopher Wademan * ( R O ) 15
    Trent Potts ( B U ) 13
    Joshua Laing ( ULV ) 12
    Nathan Gratton ( DEV ) 11
    Keegan Wells ( SOM ) 10
    Elliot Stewart * ( SOM ) 10
    Alex Rossetto * ( L U ) 10

    WNPL Top 10:
    Caitlin Storay ( L C ) 27
    Lucy Foote ( ULV ) 21
    Mikayla Binns ( P K ) 21
    Georgia Foote ( ULV ) 19
    Naomi Celebre ( R O ) 14
    Niluka McKenna ( ULV ) 13
    Jazmin Gorrie ( DEV ) 13
    Skye Van Asch ( P K ) 13
    Emma Norton ( R O ) 13
    Bethany Bygrave ( L U ) 13