Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Somerset Can Make It 2 In A Row

This week will actually see who is crowned 2014 NPL champion.
With a big crowed expected at Montello Where Burnie United host Somerset Sharks in the final catch up game.
Somerset have to win this game as they are 2 point behind Riverside and a draw is not good enough.
Somerset will be with out Kaimon Johnson this week as he goes under the knife for shoulder surgery which has seen him hang up the boots for this year and next. (all the best K).
Elliot Stewart should be back this week after having a few weeks off with a broken toe. Jimmy Nettleton and Kyrone Johnson have been a great combination over the last few months and scoring a bag full and will be looking to do the same again this week.
Somerset have scored a massive 86 goals for and only 10 against so the United's defence will be under fire this week.
Ray Parke would be having night mares about this game as he would NOT want the Sharks to win and celebrate the title at Montello this Saturday as there would already be a big wound, as out of the starting 11 for Somerset at least 6 have played for Burnie at some stage.
Connor Parke has had a fine year and combined really well with Captain Andrew Gibson and this may be the link for United to get across the line this week and especially with Somerset missing KaimonJohnson.
Stuart Batt has had a quite year and will be looking too show his old club the Sharks how much he has improved over the last few years.
This game will be a very physical game and one not too miss.
2:30 pm Saturday Montello (BURNIE)


  1. So Somerset and Kaimon think they have it won and don't need him for finals?? A bit strange isn't it.

  2. I think you will find that when a doctor says im doing your surgery you cant decline as you may miss out for the next year.
    Thats the way i see it any way.
    Massive loss for Somerset and will stretch them in the finals series.