Monday, 17 March 2014

Final 16 in state wide cup begins this weekend

Finally some proper competition gets away this week with the Lakoseljac cup final 16 getting under way.
With a fair bit at stakes this time around every team will be out to win this as the winner goes into the FFA cup. This is like the FA cup in England and will see the winner of this comp taking on all the state league winners of their competitions and also the A League teams.
This was structured a few years ago and when it was the talk was if a club draws an A League club, The A League team will have to come and play at your home ground.

Launceston City V Somerset Sharks
This should be the game of the round as both teams have recruited well over the summer and are chomping at the bit to get going.
Launceston City have been the big improver over th summer and had some very successful signings. They have two imports. One is a Korean centre midfielder who has shown he already has what it takes and a Dutch goal keeper who is very sharp between the sticks. Add locals Andy Compaign and Toby Omenihue and Mark Christy and City are starting to look really good on paper.
Somerset have also been on a drive after loosing some players over the off season. They welcome back ex state champion captain Keegan Wells and Dr Garry Hamilton who has been in Hobart for a few years learning how to fix people. Also they have picked up another player by the name of Tom Luckman. as i have never heard of him time will tell.
This will be a great match and i think that Somerset will beat City but may need to defend hard in the last quarter as fitness may be an issue.

Devonport V Ulverstone

This is going to be another great game as its the cross river rivals. Devonport will be out to prove an early point that they can still be competitive after loosing a few key players of late. Their English import will be on show and im not sure if their back packing Frenchman has signed but would be a handy pick up even if he is only here for a little while. Bobby Eaves has fast tracked his injury and could also be a possible starter for the strikers. Also Chris McKenna may also be playing in this game as well.
ulverstone have been very quite this summer and not a lot  is known. I think the Conkies are not playing so that is a big hole to fill.

Rangers V Hobart Olympia

This has two V League giants facing off in the round of 16. Olympia have to travel to the NTC to take on the Rangers. Both clubs have just won both pre season cups respectively. This will be a fast paced game with a

lot of short passing happening.
Ranger s should be too strong at home.

Other games
Glenorchy v Universirty
South Hobart v Nelson
Taroona V Clarence
Tilford -Pass through
Beachside v Kingbourough


  1. Big Rudy C could be lining up on the sticks for the reds. Could be a battle of the fossils "McKenna v Compagne"

    1. I think you've got the wrong Compy. Rumour has it that Snow has signed up just to play in this game! He has been spotted training in the gym & on the track and is looking quite sharp for an old bugger! Would be worth the entrance fee just to see this encounter!

  2. LOL Sam, Lonnie City - 11 practice matches v Sharks - 0 practice matches added to our misery we will be missing DeBomford, Stewart, Hamilton and Nettleton due to injury or cricket finals. Lets hope we can give some of our young guns a chance to experience a game against a VL team.

  3. C'mon City!

  4. Making excuses already then Nigel?

    1. No, just can't see how Sam can predict a Sharks win given our lack of preparation and player unavailability. (Stewart, DeBomford and Hamilton are our 3 down the middle will leave a big gap)
      Would have loved this matchup at the end of last season when we gave Rangers NPL a 9-0 touch up, we were on fire then, but just stating facts, we are slow out of the blocks however I reckon the guys are up for it.
      On a brighter note Jeremy's knee is just muscle strain and he should be back earlier than first thought.

  5. So...what news from Burnie and Ulverstone?, thought this blog was about getting some news out to and from followers, lets face it, not much to read about in the Advocate on our sport.

  6. You got a promotion Garry?!
    Doctor already, wow and here I was thinking you had a year left to go ;)