Sunday, 23 June 2013

Weekend Results


Launceston City 3 lost to Devonport 4

Burnie United 1 def Riverside 0

Launceston United 0 lost to Rangers 2

Prospect 2 lost to Ulverstone 3

V League

South Hobart 3 def Devonport 1

Rangers 1 lost to Kingbourough 2

Launceston City 1 lost to Tilford Zebras 3


  1. What on earth has happened to the Knights this year?? Seem to have an ok list but are very inconsistent! How many players have they lost from last year and what is happening...

    1. Knights have lost all thier senior list from last year bar 3

      With a squad of 10 players 20 and under are travelling ok,all games lost have been by only one goal.

    2. They haven't lost that many. Grandpa, Robbo, Josh, Mitch, Andy, Healdy all played last year. Why is everyone leaving??

    3. Don't think Josh has played seniors this year perhaps because he can't train. Mitch is out for season with broken leg.

      Are you trying to make a point about people leaving the Knights or is it an innocent question?


    4. I can tell you exactly why everyone leaves!!

  2. I think Somerset are the only club that has got a benefit out of the v-league with players joining (maybe for money) but it seems like ulverstone have had the biggest losses and most other clubs have lost a few, looks to be an interesting 8 rounds ahead. My tip for top 4


  3. I don't think it was the v-league doing for somerset, more somerset recutting drive, coaches current and past from coastal clubs, and loyalty have all been a part of somersets gain this year.
    V-league defiantly has affected Ulverstone with depth but they are still winning games to their credit.
    Agree with your top 4

  4. I'm not sure about the loyalty at Somerset....

  5. more the lack of loyalty to other clubs and chasing $ or benefits that somerest entice? last game I played against them, 9 out of the starting 11 played for burnie in the past couple of years.

  6. Ok was going to keep my mouth shut but some people just have no idea what is going on. To say Somerset players are getting paid money, What a load of crap. For starters the club is in no position to pay palyers and secondly if these guys were chasing money they would have stayed at football. Pete is right, Somerset started a player drive in December as the club was about to pull out of the NPL due to numbers. Alot of people in the soccer community have a hell of respect for Kevin and would love to play under him.
    As for 9 guys playing for Burnie over the past, You are correct but these players never played for Burnie last year apart from Elliot who only played 3 games.
    Maybe sour grapes.
    P.S i can put my name to it and take the replya

  7. Sam you bite too easy

  8. That's why I'm a shark lol

  9. So Somerset didnt pay the owing rego money that the ex Burnie boys hadnt fully paid up Sam?

  10. Another Annon warrior, as this was an internal thing between two clubs we know we're you are from. If dirt is what you want dirt is what you get. YES you are correct about out standing rego. For the people who don't know there is a gentlemens agreement with in the NPL that if one player moves to another club they are not supposed to play for another club until paid in full. We had just finished preseason and the somerset soccer club received a call from a annomous club " saying if these money's are not payed the agreement will stand" this anonymous club knew the position all along but waited until then. Somerset were not aware of the situation and yes paid the outstanding money's but have it all paid back. So at the end of the day what's your point. But hey remember you are a warrior.
    Any more questions I can answer Annon???

  11. tried to ignore but i cant bait was too tempting.
    I quote "9 out of the starting 11 played for burnie in the past couple of years."
    As im in that starting 11 i disagree
    Chris Smith - played at most NW clubs i believe but been at somerset 3 years now.
    Ross Smith - from Somerset Under 18's premiers
    Kaimon Johnson - Natone Footy Club
    Elliot Stewart - will give you that one played there last 2 yrs
    Tyler Duniam - from Somerset's old junior U/17 premiers
    James Nettleton - from Somerset's old junior U/17 premiers
    Sam Cocks - Burnie, Somerset state premiership, Burnie Coach, Knights Npl Champions, Somerset Assistant coach so i don't believe u can claim him to be a recent departure as he has been all over the place
    Ryan Liston - from Somerset Under 18's premiers
    Kyrone Johnson - Natone Footy CLub
    Sam Phillips Crole - Another somerset junior premier
    Jeremy De Bomford - Natone Footy Club

    From that starting 11 i count 1 out and out Burnie player from previous year, 4 from Sharks Junior ranks, 1 returning ex player(assistant coach) and three from other codes, if anything i suggest thats a highly succesful and well thought out recruiting drive to compliment existing players given the lack of players at begining of last season. if you want to get technical players at other clubs u could also argue Mick Wolfert at ulvestone; brody best, stuart batt all ex players from somerset and i remember Mitchell stitz even being up there when he was a junior albeit for a short period. the point is players move on for whatever reason and so be it, as far as im aware ex team mates dont hold grudges and enjoy some friendly banter and a beer afterwards its an amateur sport at the end of the day.
    the key reason somerset was able to get those players as is Sam stated Kev coached nearly all of them at junior level and is highly respected by all of them and to his credit he has assembled a competetive team and deserves the credit for it

  12. Mmmm...think you should call me and have a discussion if you would like that information, as, I as club president, and our treasurer are the only 2 who know the truth about that one. 0409520093 happy to discuss this issue with anyone who has the time to listen to all the story. Neither club involved realized there was an issue until well into the new year and it did take some time to sort.
    Oh, and on players having rego, petrol, travel, boots etc paid by others, well it's been happening at every club since I started in 1972 and it will never change, and neither it should, every club has a supporter or two happy to sponsor players in their club.

    1. scuse me mr president, good to see you about on the www. sorry I don t have time to listen so I will have to avoid that phone call.
      cant say that I have ever had rego, boots or fuel $ paid in the last 15 years at burnie, it is amazing what some guys will sell out for tho.

  13. haha this is hilarious its not money they are chasing, its glory. Unloyalty at its best

  14. To think that the two comments below started all this banter...makes me wish I still made regular comments!

    Anonymous25 June, 2013 17:08

    I'm not sure about the loyalty at Somerset...

    Anonymous25 June, 2013 21:12

    more the lack of loyalty to other clubs and chasing $ or benefits that somerest entice? last game I played against them, 9 out of the starting 11 played for burnie in the past couple of years.

    Good on Somerset for having the 'ability" to attract players to their club, more power to them, particularly from footy! Not sure if loyalty has a LOT to do with it though.
    Seems like a trend on the coast for players to swap teams and this year it's happened quite a bit throughout the entire league (some for obvious reasons!)

    About time we got some spice on here, i was just about to delete it from my "favourites"

    As for Knights, pretty average game on the wkend against Ulvy who aren't bad but rely on too few - lack of depth also mentioned above. One very dubious goal to Ulvy and PKFC a bit wasteful at the other end. Entertaining nonetheless. Interesting to see Ulv still resorting to a bit of push me, shove you business also. Keeps it fresh!

    PS. Love the responses Cocksy! (But did you win a flag with us??^^)

  15. mate what game did you watch? Prospect were hitting harder than the ulvie guys, and can i ask why you think the goal was dubious? Or are you just saying that because you are a sore loser, two games they played with 10 men against prospect and won both games

  16. Is Grandpa playing with his frame this season.....?